Areíon Emergency Care

AREÍON Emergency care is a comprehensive social service, the main purpose of which is to reduce health and social risks in senior citizens and handicapped people. The chief merit of the service is in helping handicapped people and seniors of advanced age to live in dignity, according to their wishes and in their natural environment – at home.

Areíon: Past and Present:
In 2009, the ŽIVOT 90 Civic Association marked 17 years of providing this comprehensive social service. By the end of 1992, the ŽIVOT 90 Control Room was connected with the first in a series of user terminal stations, installed in the homes of clients of the social service its authors chose to call AREÍON – Messenger of Quick Help. The AREÍON Emergency Care Service is today provided through the main control room in Prague and regional control rooms in Hradec Králové, Kutná Hora and Jihlava to almost 1,300 clients in 34 towns in six Czech regions. In 2005, ŽIVOT 90 was awarded the Ministry of Health Makropoulos Prize. The prize was awarded in recognition of an exceptional, practically asserted project, solving healthcare and health-related social requirements of seniors in the Czech Republic. Being the first provider of emergency care in the Czech Republic ever since early November 1992, ŽIVOT 90 has supplied high-quality care with emphasis on effective service provision, thanks largely to user equipment enabling two-way voice communication in case of emergency calls. As the founders and pioneers of the service in the Czech Republic, we have managed to incorporate it in legislation on social services, Act 108/2006 Coll., in the care services category. This enables the user to pay monthly service fees using his/her care bonuses.

Who the service is intended for:
Handicapped persons
• seniors and handicapped persons in adverse life situations, facing health and social risks
• families of seniors and handicapped citizens
• persons taking care of seniors and handicapped citizens
• other entities providing social and health services to seniors and handicapped citizens – municipalities, city boroughs and communities

AREÍON emergency care comprises the following activities:
Provision or mediation of emergency care in:
• unexpected situations (injury, fall etc.)
• unforeseen critical situations (sudden deterioration of health etc.)
• emergency situations (assault or threat by another person)
• social consultancy
• social therapeutic work
• arranging contacts with social environment
• assistance in exercising rights, legitimate interests and procurement of personal matters

Objectives of AREÍON emergency care:
The objective of emergency care is to reduce social, health and security risks brought about by these citizens' way of life:
• maximally preserve self-sufficiency and independence of elderly persons and handicapped people
• ensure maximum possible longevity of people of advanced age and handicapped people in their natural social environment
• do away with social exclusion of elderly people living in loneliness
• reduce the ever-growing number of risks (health, social and criminal)
• help senior and handicapped people to assert their rights and interest and to keep in touch with their social environment
• provide social, health and general consultancy
• reduce rate of admission to healthcare institutions for social reasons
• reduce the number of persons waiting to be admitted to social care institutions
• help families take care of their senior or handicapped members (respite care)

Criteria of provision of service:
• the applicant's ability to take care of him/herself and his/her household is reduced due to health handicap and psychosomatic problems
• impaired mobility or old age
• applicant is older than 60 years
• living alone
• applicant is younger than 60 and handicapped
• remote place of residence exposing a senior to considerable psychical stress
• admission based on the opinion of regional and municipal social departments; in many cases service is provided at their request

Criteria of refusal to provide service:
• applicant's mental condition would contraindicate provision of service
• combined visual and hearing disorders or severe hearing problems prevent long-distance voice communication

Parties working together to provide emergency care:
• integrated rescue system (Czech Police, fire chief, rescue service)
• ambulance service
• town police
• close person (family, neighbour etc.) specified by applicant's request, made upon provider's spot inspection
• general practitioner or attending physician
• community care service, personal assistance and any social service indicated by the application
• another person or entity, vital for quality provision of
emergency care service to the user in conjunction with providers of telecommunication services
• boroughs and municipalities of the provider of social services (subsidized organizations, NNOs, public benefit organizations etc.)

Service fees:
Areíon Emergency Care is paid by the user.

User's technical conditions of provision of service:
• SIM card from cell phone operator (with paid monthly fees)
• Stationary telephone line

Address: Karolíny Světlé 18 110 00, Praha 1, Czech Republic
Director of Emergency Helpline:

Bc. Lenka Ryšavá
Tel: 222 333 570

Emergency Helpline Control Desk:
Tel: 222 333 540 – 3