The ŽIVOT 90 Association accepts members from among persons resident in the Czech Republic and abroad, collective groups and organizations prepared to provide moral, intellectual, organizational, material, financial and other help in the implementation of the goals of ŽIVOT 90.

The Association does not accept individuals, collective groups and organizations engaged in activities at variance with the ŽIVOT 90 statutes.

Membership arises on the basis of the candidate's written statement. Membership ceases to apply on the basis of a member's written statement or a decision by the General Meeting or his/her death.

Members of the ŽIVOT 90 Association are entitled to:

-take part in the activities and decisions of the Association; present proposals and suggestions to the Association,

-elect and be elected to the Committee of the Association,
-in situations deserving exceptional attention the Committee of the Association may grant a honorary membership status to individuals and collective groups. An honorary member cannot elect or be elected to the statutory bodies of ŽIVOT 90.