Reception Desk

Reception Desk is the venue for first direct personal contacts between clients and friends with the PORTUS House and ŽIVOT 90 Civic Association. Here you can obtain information about the association's activities and services, including:

•  Senior Education Courses – Reception Desk ladies will provide you with all you need to know about all courses organized by ŽIVOT 90.
• Theatre shows, excursions and other events. They will present an offer of theatre shows and booking for selected shows and tell you all about the various thematically-focused excursions.
•  Exercise an swimming parties for seniors in AXA Hotel.
• Travel offers
•  Classifieds in Zpravodaj news bulletin accepted
•  Transport orders taken at (+420) 222 333 555-7


Please contact:

Milada Janečková


Telephone: (+420) 222 333 555-7