The Articles of the civic association ŽIVOT 90

1.    ŽIVOT 90: is a civil association which has arisen according to law No. 83/1990 Gazette, associating pre-born citizens-seniors, their friends, professionals from diverse fields and all people having a liking for the mission of the association ŽIVOT 90.

2.    Seat of the association: 110 00 Prague 1, Karoliny Světlé 18, the Czech Republic

3.    Emblem:
a) Graphics of Jiří Voves depicting two interconnected hearts closed in a circle. Over the hearts in the upper part of the circle there is an inscription ŽIVOT 90

b) Graphics of Adolf Born depicting two seniors shaking their hands and two little dogs. In the upper part there is an inscription ŽIVOT 90

4.    Mission of the association:
We are aiming by our humanitarian activities to deepen the life quality of all society, to solve the specific problems of seniors, to enable them to live active and meaningful life in their own homes as long as it is possible and to attend them through the autumn of their life so that their old age flows smoothly with dignity till the end.

5.    Founders:

Jan Lorman and Blanka Lormanová. They are appointed to ensure the aims for which this organization is founded and their activity in the association is irrevocable.

6.    Goals:
To create conditions for exchange, storing, dissemination of experience, knowledge and proficiency regarding the seniors. To take full advantage of the unique abilities of elderly thanks to which old age isn’t disadvantage but priority,
-    to moderate unfavourable economical, social, health, psychic and further impacts resulting mainly from the economical – organizational measures as leaving for retirement and to influence by all means the education of people for full- value life in the old age
-    to deepen by art and science the idea of solidarity of mankind and continuance of life
-    to enforce the principals of self help, hope and esteem,
-    to awake in young people the duty for help to elderly and vice-versa to create a room for helping juvenile from the elderly,
-    to help people for searching the sense of life in love and good and not in strength and power
-    to support creation of unique common weal values of older generation.
Association ŽIVOT 90 doesn’t exercises political activities but cooperate with governmental and municipal institutions in compiling social, health, culture and further program. ŽIVOT 90 develops international relations.
The Articles controls the activities of the association. In harmony with it The Organizational Regulations further develop the internal relations of the association and the provisions of it are given in the extent and competency of  The Articles.
ŽIVOT 90 establishes organizational units /branch offices/ as cultural, health, social and information centres where the services are provided; educational and artistic program are created and performed; opportunities for spontaneous artistic activity, entertainment and pleasure are offered. These organizational units have legal subjectivity and are independently administered. They are ruled on their own constitution and on organizational regulations, which have to be in harmony with The Articles and The Organizational Regulations of the association, and approved by the committee of the association and committee of the branch office. The chairman conducts his activity by the name of the branch office.

7.    Forms of activities are mainly:

-    social and health-social services and program
-    charity
-    services of material character
-    health care
-    consulting and advisory activity
-    cultural program
-    social and club activity
-    recreation, rehabilitation and therapeutically projects
-    social integration
-    activities in all fields of art
-    organization of exhibitions and galleries
-    campaign, workshops, courses etc
-    giving suggestion for mass media
-    contact services, conferences etc

8.    Membership:
Persons living in Czech Republic as well as abroad, collectives and organizations can become members of the association ŽIVOT 90 provided they are willing to lend moral, spiritual, organizational, material, financial or other support while fulfilling the goals of the association ŽIVOT 90.
Persons, collectives and organizations executing activity inconsistent with The Articles of ŽIVOT 90 can’t be members of the association.
Membership comes into existence by a written statement and ceases to exist by a written statement of the member by a decision of general meeting or by the death of the member.

Members of the association ŽIVOT 90 have the right:
-    to participate in the activities and decision-making of the association
-    to turn to the association with proposals and reminders
-    to elect and be elected in the committee of the association
If there is a situation worthy of a special consideration the committee can adjudge to persons and collectives a statute of a honourable membership. The honourable member can’t elect and be elected in the bodies of ŽIVOT 90.

9.    Bodies of the association:
General meeting:
General meeting is the highest body of ŽIVOT 90, which is held at the very least once in two years. If no less than 1/3 of the regular members ask for summoning of an extraordinary general meeting it must be summoned within 2 months from the date when this presentation for an extraordinary general meeting was submitted. The general meeting has a quorum if no less than 1/3 of the regular delegates are present and the majority of the delegates decide if it isn’t determined otherwise. Every regular delegate has one vote.
General meeting decides the essential issues of the activity of the association among others discusses and approves annual report, audit and program for further term. General meeting elects at least 1/3 of the committee members by ballot. The elected functionary can be recalled only by general meeting.
The committee appoints the key and rules for selection of the general meeting’s delegates with regard to the actual structure of the members` base. The representation of the whole spectrum of the member’s base (above all of active volunteers` group) must be respected.

Committee is the highest body of the association in the period between general meetings. The number of the committee members must be at least 9 and it must be divisible by 3. Committee membership is honorary. Permanent members of the committee are the founders Jan Lorman and Blanka Lormanová. The founders of the association are obliged to fulfil their tasks in the committee by securing the basic mission of ŽIVOT 90.
The committee is convened by the chairman as required and at least 4 times a year. He is obliged to convene the committee if one its members ask for it in writing in 3 weeks term after delivering the request.
The committee is accountable for management and for complying with all legal rulings and regulations while running the activities of the association and for appropriate further tasks approved by general meeting. The committee approves inner norms above all The Organizational Regulations. The committee elects among themselves the first and second vice-chairman.  The chairman is in charge of the proceeding of the committee. In case of his absence the first vice-chairman substitutes him. If there is difference of opinion which of the members should close his term of office it will resign that one whose mandate lasts longer.

The chairman is a statutory functionary. This function executes the founder Jan Lorman. In case of his absence the first vice-chairman who also performs this function for the event of chairman’s death or abdication for the term of one month at the most substitutes him. In this term the first vice-chairman is obliged to convene irregular sitting of the committee, which elects a new chairman.
By the name of the association is authorized to act the chairman or if need be further persons authorized by the committee.
The chairman undersigns on behalf of the association namely by adding his signature in his own hand to the written or printed name of the organization.

Control board:
It is a control body of the association. This commission is elected by the general meeting for
2 years term for which it is also for its activity accountable. Its activity consists in control activity of the association. The professional audit elaborated by a registered firm can replace the control function of the board. The control board has 3 members at least. Control board elects its chairman and vice-chairman.
The chairman convenes the meeting and controls the agenda. The vice-chairman substitutes the chairman in his absence in full extent.
The chairman is obliged to convene the control board in term 3 weeks if any member of the control board asks for it in writing. If the chairman doesn’t convene the meeting in stated term the vice-chairman will convene it without delay.
The control board must provide a report about every meeting, which will be handed to the chairman of the committee in a 14 days term.

10.    Management:

The association economizes with the movable and immovable assets. The sources of possession are mainly:
-    gifts and contributions of the natural and juristic persons
-    returns of possessions
-    takings from activities while fulfilling the goals of the association
-    membership fee (if withdrawn)
-    takings from own activities
All possession of the association gained from the main or secondary activities must be used for fulfilling the goals of the association.
Committee is responsible for the management of the association. Committee submits to the general meeting an annual report about the management. The management is implemented according to an annual budget approved by the committee.



The Articles of the civic association ŽIVOT 90 The Articles of the civic association ŽIVOT 90

The Articles of the civic association ŽIVOT 90