Social and Specialist Consultancy

Social consultancy provided by the ŽIVOT 90 Civic Association is a registered social service. The service is provided in accordance with Act 108/2006 Coll. on social services, as amended. Social consultancy is provided within the framework of services.

Mission of the Social and Specialist Consultancy Service:
The mission of social and specialist consultancy for seniors and persons taking care of seniors is to provide field and outpatient information about the rights and obligation of the user, options of tackling adverse social situations, and available services and activities to help them stay or become re-included in society.











Target group:
Seniors and related persons taking care of one or more senior citizens

The service is rendered without prejudice to all persons falling under the target group regardless of their race and ethnic background, sex, sexual orientation, age, health handicap, religion or faith, as well as persons without religious denomination; regardless of their language, political and other beliefs, nationality; membership of political parties or political movements, trade union organizations and other associations, social origin, property, birth, marital and family status or obligations towards families.

Form of service provision:

1) in the association's HQ – field of action: Czech Republic

-by telephone,
- in writing – incl. internet consultations

2) in field: Prague and surrounding areas

- provide information regarding developments associated with specific features of target group,
- navigate users to available services and legitimate requirements, accompany them through mediation and assertion stages, encourage users to apply their own resources and natural networking,
- provide support to users if they can stay in their natural domestic environment,
- in accordance with users' interests and upon their consent use the organization's internal resources and interact with available external resources.

- expertise,
- independence,
- impartiality,
- security,
- comprehensive approach,
- respect users' rights,
- respect individual needs of users,
- respect user's wishes and preferences (observe anonymity),
- honour user's dignity,
- confidentiality rule,
- free of charge delivery.

The Information and Consultancy Centre provides the following advisory services:
Legal consultancy and housing consultancy
For details please see individual sections.



telefon: +420 222 333 500